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Show Your True Colors with True Tones: Redefining Laminate Color Choice within the Industry

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  • Show Your True Colors with True Tones: Redefining Laminate Color Choice within the Industry


    寺庙,德州(January 18, 2022) – The commercial A&D community has been waiting for a color revolution – and the wait is finally over. Wilsonart has expanded its expertly curated188188188b.com金宝博 (VDL) with the introduction of True Tones, a semi-custom laminate offering that redefines color choice in the industry. From deep blues to pastel greens and muted purples, True Tones brings the latest evolution in optical solid color to Wilsonart®高压层压板(HPL).

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  • 精致,可持续的表面窃取2022年的聚光灯


    寺庙,德州(January 11, 2022) – After a year full of unpredictability, many of us gained a newfound appreciation for our kitchens and the many purposes they serve. Wilsonart has conducted research with both design and industry experts as well as homeowners to compile its forecast for five design elements expected to dominate kitchen surface trends in 2022.

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  • 188bet吧WilsonArt®荣获2021年的六个行业奖项


    寺庙,德州(2021年12月27日) - 随着建筑物和重塑行业经验的经验持续增长,2021年被证明是工程表面和威尔逊特的横幅年份。188bet吧下一代工程表面的世界一流的创新者通过赚取六个行业奖项奖励品牌的最新产品创新,使其类别的领导。商业和住宅Arenas的着名荣誉不仅认识到公司的设计专业知识,还认识到Wilsonart品牌的权力。188bet吧金宝博吧

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  • 188bet吧WilsonArt®与Homesphere®合作伙伴,以更好地服务建设者


    寺庙,德州(November 10, 2021) – Wilsonart announced that it will team up with主页®, the industry’s largest homebuilder network, to better serve the homebuilder market. The newly formed partnership will help Wilsonart expand and foster relationships with the new residential community through a special incentives program.

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  • New Wilsonart® HPL Stone Collection Empowers Crossover Between Residential and Commercial Design


    寺庙,德州(September 27, 2021) – As the spaces in which people live and work continue to intertwine, the new “resi-merical” trend has emerged that transforms the line between residential and commercial design. Wilsonart announces the introduction of the High Pressure Laminate (HPL) Stone Collection designed. The line of new HPL designs delivers affordable luxury with a new textured finish and 16 designs all reminiscent of various natural stone surfaces.

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