这种动态的质地将自然世界的触觉品质带到室内空间,这款受木风格的收藏是可访问的奢侈品的本质。Lujo™系列在最佳匹配的TFL,HPL,Edgebanding和Doors and Moulting的收藏中方便地提供,包括19种深文写的木绿色设计,包括一系列经典物种和舒缓的颜色

Easily combined with other materials with our vast engineered surfaces library, this collection provides a luxurious experience, inspiring a sense of reassurance and comfort, transforming any space into a sanctuary. The LUJO™ Collection features 3 finishes, to include Gloss Line (-28), Ridgewood (-79), and our new Timbergrain (05) finish.

Full of luxurious, dimensional woodgrain texture and colors that evoke the warmth of home sweet home, Wilsonart's LUJO™ Collection features Wilsonart’s newest Premium texture,Timbergrain Finish (-05). This texture showcases a low-sheen wood finish paired with dimensional, realistic ticking, and natural variations that bring a sense of warmth and authenticity to any space. Six Timbergrain designs find their way into theLUJO™ Collection—offering best-matched value, durability, and beauty.

该系列还包括我们的超级优质Ridgewood Finish (-79). This finish is featured on seven designs and includes an overall matte finish with ridged dimensional characteristics, creating a gentle linear woodgrain effect.

The collection also includes six existing designs in Wilsonart's premiumGloss Line Finish (-28).